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Summary of current grant projects of the National Museum

Name of the grant project Department Holder Agency Length of the project Code
Historical Museum
Swords of medieval Europe as a technological, archaeological, cultural and historical source Department of Prehistory and Classical Antiquity Mgr. Jiří Košta (coop.) GA ČR 2012–2016 GAP405/12/2289
The National Musem in the Czechoslovak Era Director of Historical Museum Mgr. Marek Junek, PhD. GA ČR 2016–2018  
A Route towards Theatre: Development of Method and Specific Devices for Preservation, Appropriation, and Dissemination of Historical Theatre Signboards with Particular Regard to Collections of the National Museum, Prague and Moravian Museum, Brno. Department of History of Theatre Mgr. Markéta Trávníčková; Mgr. Kateřina Musílková (coop.);  Ing. Martina Ohlídalová, Ph.D.; Mgr. Vojtěch Poláček (coop.);  Kryštof Vanča (coop.) MK ČR - NAKI II. 2016–2020 DG16P02B008
Natural History Museum
The peoples at the end of Great Moravia: bioarchaeology and taphonomy of the new cemetery at the northeast suburb at Pohansko (Břeclav) Department of Anthropology  RNDr. Petr Velemínský, Ph.D.   GA ČR 2014–2016  GA14-22823S
The role of selenium in the hydrothermal process of selected uranium deposits Department of Mineralogy and Petrology Mgr. Jiří Sejkora, Ph.D.  GA ČR  2014–2016  GA14-27006S
Non-destructive methods as a tool for studies on diversity of Cretaceous fossil plants Department of Palaeontology RNDr. Jiří Kvaček, CSc.  GA ČR  2015–2017  GA15-04987S
Biology of ageing: mechanisms and patterns of senescence in free-living birds Bird-ringing Station Mgr. Jaroslav Cepák, Ph.D.  GA ČR  2015–2017  GA15-11782S
Endemism of gill parasites in the light of the evolution and biogeography of their cyprinid hosts around the Mediterranean Department of Zoology Mgr. Radek Šanda, Ph.D. (coop.)  GA ČR  2015–2017  GA15-19382S
A methodology for the determination of zoological collection specimens on the basis of DNA analysis and the management of zoological tissue samples collection Department of Zoology Mgr. Michal Tkoč; RNDr. Petr Benda, Ph.D. (coop.);  RNDr. Petr Dolejš, Ph.D. (coop.);  Mgr. Martin Fikáček, Ph.D. (coop.); RNDr. Jaroslav Hlaváč, Ph.D. (coop.);  Dipl. Biol. Jiří Mlíkovský, CSc. (coop.); RNDr. Jiří Moravec, CSc. (coop.); Mgr. Radek Šanda, Ph.D. (coop.)  MK ČR - NAKI II.  2016–2019  DG16P02B038
Náprstkovo muzeum
The exploration of Meroë king´s town of Wad Ben Naga Department of Care of Collections Ph.Dr. Pavel Onderka GA ČR 2013–2017 GA13-09594S
Section of Deputy for Central Collection-building and Exhibition Activity
Analysis, description and archivation of aggregate information on properies of cultural heritage artifacts and usage of such data in restoration, conservation and research Central Department of the Collections Care IIng. Petra Štefcová, CSc. MK ČR - NAKI II. 2016–2020



  International Projects
Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Department of Palaeontology RNDr. Jiří Kvaček, CSc. ECORYS - Lifelong Learning Programme 2013–2016  
Synthesys3 – Synthesis of Systematic Resources Department of Palaeontology; Department of Mineralogy and Petrology RNDr. Jiří Kvaček, CSc.; RNDr. František Vacek, Ph.D. Seventh Framework Programme 2013–2017  
Volkswagen Stiftung: Ecophysiological signals of fossil plants as indicators of climatic and atmospheric change during the Paleogene Department of Palaeontology RNDr. Jiří Kvaček, CSc. Volkswagen Stiftung 2013–2016  
Projekt CES – Constant effort site Bird-ringing Station Mgr. Jaroslav Cepák Evropské sdružení kroužkovacích centrál 2004–2020  
Evropský migrační atlas Bird-ringing Station Mgr. Jaroslav Cepák Evropské sdružení  kroužkovacích centrá lEURING 2010–2018  
Iberian Amber: An Exceptional Record of Cretaceous Forests at the Rise of Modern Terrestrial Ecosystems Department of Palaeontology RNDr. Jiří Kvaček, CSc. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica, Subdirección General de Proyectos de Investigación 2015–2018  
BIG4 Department of Entomology Mgr. Martin Fikáček, Ph.D. European Union’s Horizon 2020 2015–2019  
COST Action IS1310: Reassembling the Republic of Letters, 1500-1800 Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books PhDr. Richard Šípek, Ph.D. EU COST 2013–2016